Through continualiterations of branding, designs,
and functionality, Equus achieved a 20% decrease in bounce rate.




Skamar has built tremendous following and reputation in the 50 years of business. Starting with the father continuing on with his son and his desire to build on the family business. For that reason, challenge was even greater. Preserve authenticity by modernizing the brand.


In Skamar’s case the we started with the review of current and past material and multiple interviews with the leadership team to see where they would like to go and which direction to take. We started with modernizing the logo and the rest of the collateral followed including a build of new website and development of social media channels.


increase in monthly users
exponential conversion rate growth
decrease monthly cost-per-click


Modern look and feel gave the company fresh start. Our digital marketing efforts have helped the company become visible on the web and focused in the areas where targeting the right type of customers at the right time and place


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