Meet Our Social Media Assistant - Bernarda Lovrinovic

Posting on social media engages visitors with our clients. Young and brilliant Bernarda Lovrinovic is responsible for this significant role. Meet Bernarda in the following interview.

Name: Bernarda Lovrinovic
Birthplace: Nova Bila, Travnik
Role at the Equus Group: Social Media Assistant
Describe yourself in three words: passionate, creative and positive
Favorite childhood memory: skiing for the first time
Favorite sports: dance and volleyball
Hobby: playing the guitar and piano, dancing and singing
Music artists/bands that you love listening to: mostly Ex Yu rock( Parnivaljak, Plavi orkestar etc.) and pop music (James Arthur, Ed Sheeran)
In your opinion, key things that clients can expect from you: good content, creativity
What makes the Equus team so special: We all try to help and support each other and we are smiling and laughing, even when we are working.
Goals that you are looking to accomplish: I want to improve my social media knowledge and general knowledge about graphic design and digital marketing.
Where do you see yourself and Equus in a year: Still working all together, but a lot more successful, and I hope that we will expand our business even more internationally.

Word from our CEO:

” She is the team member that will take any social media task and make sure it’s done. No task is too small or too big. Just ask her you will see. Her positive attitude is inspiring.”

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