Meet Our Web Developer and System Admin - Zan Andjic

We are going forward with our team member presentations. Today you have an opportunity to meet our web developer, Zan Andjic.

Name: Žan

Birthplace: Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Role at the Equus Group: Web Developer and System Admin

Describe yourself in three words: effective, trusty, creative

What can Equus clients expect from you: creative solutions and solved technical issues

Favorite childhood memory: when I got my first dog

Favorite sports: skiing and swimming

Hobby: dog handling, cycling and fitness

Music artists/bands that you love listening to: EX YU rock bands, I really love Divlje Jagode and Zabranjeno pušenje

What makes the Equus team so special: Team work, we really take good care of our clients and our team members are of high priority

Goals that you are looking to accomplish: to create useful software that will have a wider application

Where do you see yourself and Equus in a year: At the same position, but with a larger development team.

Word from our CEO about Zan:

” He is like a night owl that is also awake during the day. His inspiration comes in at night, but his performance is equally strong during the day. He is like a glue between our team in BiH and USA.”