Meet our Social Media Intern - Binna Beharic

Bina turned her love for languages and communication into love for digital marketing. Briliant ideas, excellent communication skills and a big heart characterize our Bina Beharic.

Name: Binasa Beharic
Role at the Equus Group: Social Media Intern
Describe yourself in three words: wanderlust, bookworm, dreamer
What can Equus clients expect from you: creativity, professionality, honesty, kindness
Favorite childhood memory: it’s hard to choose just one 
Favorite sports: rollerblading, ice skating
Hobby: writing, photography, crafting (decoupage, jewelry making…)
Music artists/bands that you love listening to: classical music, The Rasmus

In your opinion, key things that clients can expect from you: that I will do my best in every situation

What makes the Equus team so special: unique creativity, innovative ideas, endless motivation

Goals that you are looking to accomplish: To see new places, read new books, meet new people and get inspired through all of that

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