Meet our Programmer - Damir Arnautovic

Always smiling and making jokes, but very precise and dedicated, Damir Arnautovic, is an important member of our team.


Name: Damir Arnautovic

Birthplace: Travnik

Role at the Equus Group: Programmer

Describe yourself in three words: common, rare, epic

What can Equus clients expect from you: They can expect everything, just funnier.

Favorite childhood memory: I am still a child and all my memories are my favorite memories. Living life and making an epic story is what is important.

Favorite sports: cricket, F1, basketball, e-sport and more.

Hobby: I sleepwalk, I meditate, and count the stars.

Music artists/bands that you love listening to:System of a down, Megadeath, Metallica, Antrax, Pink Floyd, Edo Maajka, EKV, Jimi Hendrix, Vojko V, Macchina, Kendi, Gorillaz, Slipknot, RHCP and many more.

In your opinion, key things that clients can expect from you: clean code

What makes the Equus team so special: It is special to me and close to my heart and they are awesome people. The most special thing about Equus is that they do their jobs really well and they love what they are doing.

Goals that you are looking to accomplish: I wish to go to Mars. #ElonMusk

Where do you see yourself in a year: I see myself in the Bahamas chilling and having fun with people there.


Word from our CEO about Damir:

”Love his uniqueness and dry sense of humor. He is curious enough that I believe he could create and crack as many codes as presented to him.”

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