Meet Our Graphic Designer - Berina Mujcic

The key person who visualises every clients` presence is Berina Mujcic – our Graphic Designer. Meet her in the text below.

Name: Berina Mujcic

Birthplace: Travnik

Role at the Equus Group: Graphic Designer

Describe yourself in three words: curious, creative, dreamer

Favorite childhood memory: playing outside until it was dark and first days
at school

Favorite sports: soccer

Hobby: running, drawing, reading books

Music artists/bands that you love listening to: Arctic Monkeys, Gorillaz,
Benny Benassi, Solomun, LP

In your opinion, key things that clients can expect from you: to get
things done in time, to be part of the process and to get the best solution
at the very end

What makes the Equus team so special: pleasant atmosphere, solidarity,
flexibility and mutual support

Goals that you are looking to accomplish: to learn as much as possible about web
design, video editing, AR, etc…

Where do you see yourself and Equus in a year: I see myself as a unique
innovative designer


Word from our CEO about Berina:

”The quiet designer who keeps coming up with better and better designs daily. She is the girl who can transform your ideas into visuals like she has a magic wand.”


Equus Group