Meet our CEO - Biljana Lovrinovic

Biljana is like a queen bee. She is tireless and always making sure everything is functioning properly. She creates strong relationships, brings business and always takes good care of the team. Find out more about our CEO Biljana below.


Name: Biljana Lovrinovic

Birthplace:Travnik, Bosnia Herzegovina

Role at the Equus Group: CEO

Describe yourself in three words:always running around

What can Equus clients expect from you:the best team in the world

Favorite sports:handball, tennis

Hobby: salsa dancing, choir singing, guitar playing

Music artists/bands that you love listening to: Jazz, Classical music, Michael Jackson

In your opinion, key things that clients can expect from you: projects delivered on time

What makes the Equus team so special: team spirit, willingness to help each other out, openness to learning something new and solving problems, nothing is too difficult for us to figure out

Goals that you are looking to accomplish: build an awesome relationship between the team in the USA and in BiH

Where do you see yourself and Equus in a year: bigger team and focusing on innovation, creating our own software products


Equus team about Biljana:

Minela (Project Manager): “Biljana proved to be a leader with a big heart and good soul. She is one of the very few who has great entrepreneurial skills and good values.  Working with Biljana is creating for good. Thank you girl! I am looking forward to working together on future adventures!”

Nadza (Business Manager): “Biljana is not only a great leader, but she is also one of the best and nicest human beings I have ever met. I am proud to be part of her story and part of the Equus Group and Galop Digital family.  Thank you for this opportunity and I am looking forward to our future and success together!”

Zan (Web Developer): ”A combination of business skills in one place. Biljana is always ready for open communication. Courageous and determined, but above all full of humanity and goodness.”

Berina (Graphic Designer): “It takes a certain grace, fearlessness, intelligence and nerve to be a powerful woman. Biljana is like that, strong and ambitious woman who knows exactly what she wants. The thing I love most about B is that she highly respects her team`s judgements and values our initiatives. She is like a Great Gatsby – she understands you and believes in you in the way you want to be understood and believed in. That is a rare gift.”

Adin (Digital Marketing Manager): “I have always admired women who are strong, independent and can lead. I thought that my mom is the one of a kind that I will be really close to, but then the Equus and Biljana as a leader came into my life. She showed me, and I believe others too, that you can be kind, fair and a friend to your employees while the job is running at the highest level. I do not know her for a long time, but I have no doubt that I gained a once in a lifetime friend. Cheers!”

Bernarda (Social Media Assistant): ”Growing up next to her makes me want to be as successful as she is. I love her positive attitude and her strong will to change Bosnia and Herzegovina and make it better. She is a beautiful and inspiring young woman.”

Pinky (Business Development Manager): ”I’m so glad I met Biljana!! I have the opportunity to know Biljana as a friend and as our CEO. As a person, Biljana is very sincere, dedicated and reliable. Biljana also has the right mix of maturity, skill set and interpersonal skills to lead an organization. Most importantly, Biljana has a very good heart and will stand by you and do the right thing. Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur, it takes a lot of blood and sweat to start and grow a company. Equus stands proof of Biljana’s hard work and dedication. You are in good hands with Biljana!”


From a whole Equus team – thank you for everything Biljana!