Meet Our Business Manager - Nadza Frljak

Our business is running smoothly, mainly because of Nadza Frljak, our Business Manager. Find out more about Nadza below.

Name: Nadza Frljak

Birthplace: Sarajevo

Role at the Equus Group: Business Manager

Describe yourself in three words: funny, caring, perfectionist

What can Equus clients expect from you: full commitment and trust

Favorite childhood memory: I have many, but one of them is walking with my dad in the mountains.

Favorite sports: volleyball

Hobby: hiking, photography and spending time with my kid

Music artists/bands that you love listening to: I have many…

What makes the Equus team so special: Equus=family! The moment you feel that your work and work colleagues are like a family to you, you know you are doing the right job! Work doesn’t mean just working anymore, it becomes a pleasure.


Word from our CEO about Nadza:

”She is the: can do all, mom and a businesswoman. Great spirit and super creative. She is the risk taker and Equus cheerleader from day one.”


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