Meet our Business Development Manager - Pinky Purohit

Business development entails tasks and processes to develop and implement growth opportunities within and between organizations. Pinky is our Business Development Manager who takes care of growing opportunities for Equus.

Name: Pinky Purohit

Role at the Equus Group: Business Development Manager

Describe yourself in three words: Extrovert, Flexible, Calm

What can Equus clients expect from you: Communication, manage and meet deliverable expectations, Transparency

Favorite childhood memory: traveling with my mom to my maternal grandfather’s place and staying up all night catching up with family, gorging on sweets and listening to stories.

Favorite sports: Soccer, tennis, figure skating

Hobby: Reading, traveling, skiing, hiking, racquetball

Music artists/bands that you love listening to: Bon Jovi, Goo Goo Dolls, MLTR, Taylor Swift, Madonna

In your opinion, key things that clients need to get from you are: Clarity and Communication

What makes the Equus team so special: Everyone fits in well together and we are in a sweet spot where we are still small and connected enough that it feels like working with friends. Also, our different backgrounds bring in creativity and unique solutions’ approach to the table.

Goals that you are looking to accomplish here: As a society, we are progressing towards seamlessly integrating real and virtual world where online content, interaction and networking will be the currency of future and it is the best time to be in this space to learn, evolve and grow.

Where do you see yourself and Equus in one year: I see great potential for Equus (and myself) to continue to expand, grow and develop our niche in complex markets. We are a one stop solution company for all your digital needs.

Word from our CEO about Pinky:

”Team spirit and always strives to find new solutions how to move our business offering forward. Pinky takes everything with great sense of humor and makes us all participate.”