Everything you need to know about digitalization, digital marketing and digital presence

Digital transformation is one of those modern terms that is too lightly mentioned in the context of the modern business environment, often without a concrete understanding of what this paradigm shift really requires. Some basic definition of digital transformation would be that it is a system of implementing changes in business processes that lead to a higher level of automation and more efficient work for business development and growth. Implementation of social networks for marketing, data collection, analysis and introduction of new products and services that the digital environment provided. Of course, this is a process that is not possible without the use of modern digital technologies, especially those in the mobile sphere.

Prerequisites for successful digitization

The success of any company, including micro, small and medium enterprises, in the process of digital transformation depends on a number of factors, both internal and external. External ones, such as current market conditions or the crisis environment, cannot be influenced, but it is necessary to do everything in your power to make the most of all the possibilities in internal digital transformation in order for the company to respond to external changes, challenges and shocks.
Today, micro-entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises must build their business with a view to meeting the needs of users and customers, who expect to receive all the information about your products and services in just a few clicks. They will expect you to keep the content you provide them through your digital channels relevant at all times and in any place, as well as through any device they currently use.

Necessary solutions for business analytics

Furthermore, it is necessary to have a quality solution for analytics. Digital interaction produces a wealth of useful data, through the analysis of which each company can obtain more than quality information on what should possibly be changed, what to keep, and what to discard. Finally, a mandatory step is the use of social platforms, especially for marketing purposes.

Namely, regardless of whether your business is focused on B2B or B2C, your customers are almost without exception digital customers. You are expected to make the process of purchasing services or products digitally supported, simple and fast, which is why it is crucial to use social networks and other digital platforms to provide them with such an experience. It is important to master tools such as social networking, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), online advertising, content marketing if we want to keep existing and attract new customers and clients.

How to start our digitalization?

Before we invest resources and money in building new digital services, it is necessary to accurately and honestly assess how our business processes are now working. Some of the key questions that micro-entrepreneurs and SMEs need to ask in this context are how do we cope with current market demands, in which areas can we make positive changes, which digital technologies can bring us progress in the short, medium and long term?


We must specify exactly what we want to achieve through the digital transformation process. Maybe needs of customers that we haven’t met so far, optimizing business processes within the company, reducing operating costs, overtaking competitors in the market etc. Only when we know exactly what you want to achieve, it is possible to move on to the next step.


The strategy will be different for each company. It is important to focus on everything we have identified in the previous steps. What they all have in common, however, is that they should go through the transformation process step by step – make a list of priorities and go through it. With such a focused approach, it will be easier for you to achieve your ultimate goal. The possibilities of digital transformation are innumerable, but not all technologies are for everyone. It is important to define which solutions will help you and implement them in your business cleverly.


If possible, designate a team within the company, or at least an employee, to be in charge of implementing the digital transformation. If this is not an option, consider hiring an external consultant, (the cost will almost certainly pay off.
If you are about to take this step, you are at the right place. We can help you and digitalize your business step-by-step in the most effective and efficient way.


Without a certain level of investment, it is impossible to transform a company. It is advisable to establish a separate budget instead of using part of the IT budget for digital transformation.


No matter how well it is performed, any transformation process can be completely futile if your employees do not accept it and implement it in the everyday business atmosphere. Therefore, it is important to go through the whole process in an inclusive and transparent way so that from the very beginning your associates and employees are involved in the new culture that is established at the company level and organically acquainted with new processes, tools and ecosystem.

One of the basic and most important aspects is strengthening your online presence
Building a strong online profile is much more than just creating a platform that your customers or clients can visit. If you want to grow your business positively, you need to be and be noticed online. Of course, there is no universal recipe and access varies from company to company and from industry to industry, but there are a few common elements.


Even if social networks are your primary channel of communication, you need to have a website – PROFESSIONAL AND QUALITY WEBSITE. The top page must be focused on the needs of users (user-friendly), it must be aesthetically attractive and maximally adapted to the conversion of visitors into customers.

It is ideal to hire professionals to build the site, and here in Equus Group we are one of the finest.
Also, it is crucial to create top SEO (Search Engine Optimization), CMS (Content Management Service) and implement a suitable platform for online commerce (e-commerce).

Social Media

Merely posting on social channels is nowhere near enough. You simply need to develop a unique and engaging social media strategy that, through analytics, defines when and to what extent you post, whether to hire so-called influencers, whether it makes sense to create an extended campaign and a hundred other details. Your potential customers will surely do a research about your company and come across your Social Media profiles. You want them to be spotless.


All important social networks today are focused on quality media content. Even if your goal is just to direct visitors to your landing page, try to engage them with intriguing photographic or video content. Nowadays, it is not necessary to pay professionals or spend a lot of money on equipment – a smartphone, a little education and a lot of imagination are all that is needed to create top content.

Paid ads

Strategically placed paid ads on the web can exponentially increase your business exposure. The good news is that online ads are really affordable way to show and present your business in front of your potential buyers and customers.
Want to know more about digital marketing and advantages? Contact us for free consultations or read our blog Digital Marketing and advantages of hiring marketing agency.  


Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important tools you need to master in the beginning: Simplified, well-executed SEO optimization will allow your company to appear high in Internet search results. These days, Google is the first address users turn to when searching for a particular service or product, and your business’s appearance at the top of the search has immeasurable value. It is important to note that the SEO world is very fluid and is constantly being upgraded and changed, so it is a lifelong education which is very worthwhile.

But if you are too busy for all this kind of work, and we can surely say crucial work that every business must do if want to survive in modern business environment, we are here for you.
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